Edinburgh Preview - piano_play

Edinburgh Preview - piano_play

This show is no longer running.

Bach+Beethoven+Britney=Tom: a young man whose piano lessons give him a unique vocabulary. It’s a new one-man play by Calum Finlay about grief, obsession and music. With a piano.

Calum was inspired to write piano_play by a true story. In 2017, a 34 year old male pianist got a piano delivered to College Green in Bristol. He vowed not to stop playing until the woman he loved had heard him – in a ‘last throw of the dice’ to win her back. The story was picked up by the local press and the backlash he received on social media was mixed, but so severe that it prompted YouGov to publish a poll asking the British public whether his actions were:

  • a. Romantic
  • b. Creepy
  • c. Don’t know

Featuring piano work from composers such as Bach, Rachmaninov, Beethoven and Britney Spears, played live.

Using a blend of live and recorded sound, this new solo show touches on the long–lasting effects of grief, nature of obsession vs. romance, and music as a means of communication. It asks how a young, quiet man from Suburban England can end up pushing a piano into a park in the name of love.

Times & Prices

Sat 13 Jul, 7pm

60 minutes

All Tickets £10

Age Guidance: 14+ (contains some strong language and adult themes)

*All prices are subject to availability, may only be available on certain performances and are subject to change without prior notice.

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