Can't make it to the show?

You’re all set to see one of our shows, but now you can’t make it. Read on to find out what to do…


Booking Protect

Did you know you can shield your tickets from the extreme elements, terrible transport and other extenuating circumstances, at the checkout?

We’ve partnered with Booking Protect so that if you can’t make the show, you can get a refund if your situation is covered by their T&Cs.

Click below to check their terms and conditions.

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Exchanging Performances

If the show you’re seeing has more than one performance then you’re in luck. We’ll always try to exchange your ticket where possible.

If you can’t see the show you’re booked in for, then get in touch with our Customer Relations team who will do their best to save your trip to the theatre.

For help with your booking, call 020 7087 7755.

Reselling Your Ticket

If you’re not covered under booking protect and there’s not another performance you can exchange your tickets for, don’t panic! We’ve partnered with resale platform, Twickets, which gives you the chance to sell your ticket safely and securely.

What Twickets means for the customer


Reselling Your Ticket

What is Twickets?

Twickets is an ethical ticket resale marketplace, enabling fans to buy and sell tickets at no more than their original face value. It started with a simple purpose: to create a fairer way for real fans to see their favourite shows without being ripped off by touts/ scalpers and the platforms through which they operate. Their mission is to trade any ticket, for any event, anywhere in the world and always at face value.

Is Twickets safe to sell tickets on?

You can sell tickets securely through Twickets, with payment and delivery all agreed upfront. If you’re sent an unauthorised payment, or a buyer claims they didn’t receive their item, you’ll be covered for the full amount of the payment, as long as you provide proof of shipment. Where PayPal is used, you’re covered by PayPal’s Seller Protection policy.

I didn't buy my ticket through the LW Theatres website. How can I resell my ticket?

If you've bought through a ticketing agent, you should contact them directly about reselling your ticket.

Does it cost money to sell on Twickets?

There are no fees charged to sellers*. Twickets will pay out the funds from your sale via PayPal or a bank account transfer, depending on the event. Standard PayPal charges apply.

*excepting certain partner events. See Twickets for details.

Do I have to pay postage with Twickets?

The delivery cost is met by the buyer.