Types of Roles


It takes a large team of people to ‘Stage the Extraordinary’ and bring our theatres to life. Each of the following departments work together to ensure that each of our audiences’ experiences are as perfect as possible.

Technical Departments

When you visit one of our theatres, you will not see all of our people as many of them work backstage in either the Electrics or Stage departments.

When a new show or an event opens at one of our theatres, our Stage crew work with the production company to set up all the staging and scenery.

Ever wondered how the props and scenes change during the show, for example in The Phantom of the Opera? This is all down to the Stage Crew of which there are over 40 at His Majesty’s Theatre. This includes the Fly crew who move the large pieces of scenery and backdrops in and out from 10 metres above the stage using a single purchase counter-weight flying system, a theatre system that has been used for over 200 years.

The Electrics Department implement the lighting design for each production and oversee the lighting during the show. This includes operating the spotlights as they follow the actors around the stage, changing the colours of lights and applying any lighting pattern effects (known as gobos) that form part of the show. This is usually conducted from the lighting desk, which you may see at the back of the stalls when visiting one of our theatres.

Not only do both departments ensure the smooth running of the show but they are both responsible for the technical maintenance and general housekeeping of the production and buildings – an important job considering some of our theatres are over 100 years old.

Theatre Management, FOH and Bar

Our Front of House staff includes Bar staff, Ushers, Redcoat Butlers and Attendants. From greeting customers to serving interval drinks, showing people to their seats and assisting with security procedures, all of our Front of House staff are pivotal to providing the highest levels of customer service our guests experience when visiting one of our theatres.

LW Theatres venues’ are famous for our Redcoat Butlers, who will look after you should you decide to elevate your visit with one of our experience packages. Our Redcoats also work as attendants during performances and at special events, such as the Evening Standard Awards and The Royal Variety Show.

Each of our theatres has its own management team who not only oversee all theatre staff but also the presentation of each building, ensuring each of our theatres looks its best. You will be able to spot our Theatre Management teams on your visit since they are often standing in the foyer, dressed in suits. Theatre Management ensure the health and safety of everyone entering our theatres and are also responsible for the commerciality of the theatres, and are therefore critical to the success of LW Theatres.

Stage Door

Stage Door Keepers are the welcoming faces at our theatres; overseeing all rear of house theatre arrivals and departures. It could therefore be said they are the font of all knowledge for what goes on in theatre.

Box Office

At the front of most of our theatres is the Box Office who are responsible for the management of all ticket sales. Some of them will be working on the kiosks and will serve you should you choose to collect your tickets prior to your visit. Others will be working inside the office dealing with online and telephone sales, liaising with general customers, producers and ticket agents and arranging postal distribution of tickets.

Head Office

Behind the scenes of our iconic and historic theatres are a dedicated Head Office team. Split between 65 Drury Lane and The London Palladium, Head Office consists of Ticketing, Marketing, Programming, Operations, Hospitality, Finance, Property, HR and IT departments. Each department plays a crucial role in ensuring the operation of our theatres: from maintaining the buildings to programming and promoting productions and events as well setting up for ticket on-sales and paying the bills.