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The Loves of LW Theatres

Posted 9th February 2021

We take a look at the great loves in some of our shows.

Jenna, Becky and Dawn, Waitress

Based in Joe’s Diner, Jenna, Becky and Dawn have the kind of sisterhood you want. Right from the start, Jenna goes through a major life change, with her fellow waitresses by her side. And they’re rarely away from it.

Through thick and thin, they are the epitome of unconditional love.

Matilda and Miss Honey, Matilda The Musical

Sometimes love can come from an unlikely place, like the connection between Matilda and Miss Honey.

Where the relationship was fraught between Matilda and her parents, the care Miss Honey had for her was enough for her to grow into the extraordinary girl that she is.

Ned and Dewey, School of Rock

A friend pretending to be you and stealing your job might not be the most conventional (or common) of stories, but it still doesn’t break the bond between Dewey Finn and the actual Ned Schneebly.

Coupled with the mismatched love between the latter and his girlfriend, Patty, it seems that this friendship is unbreakable. As is the power…of rock.

Anna and Elsa, Frozen The Musical

You know how siblings can be. They might take your clothes, hog too much time in the bathroom, or curse the kingdom you live in to be in eternal winter.

Okay, so the last one might be specific to Anna and Elsa in Frozen The Musical. But it’s the set up to a story that’s full of humour and heart. Sure, there’s Anna and Kristoff, and even Anna and Hans, but the sisterly love is the most important of all. Enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

Nigel, Toast

Based on the book of the same name, Toast follows a young Nigel Slater and his love affair with food throughout the years.

Whilst we navigate the ups and downs of the relationship with his parents, we still see the love he has for his family, new experiences and the sentimental feelings attached to the senses of his childhood.

Charlie and Lola, Kinky Boots

In the partnership nobody expected, Charlie and Lola meet in less than pleasant circumstances. When a clean swipe of Lola’s boot knocks Charlie right out, the Northampton native has a lightbulb moment, realising he can make some sturdy new stilettos for the performer.

What follows are fights, fabrics and failed attempts, but the love and respect the pair gain for each other makes the Kinky Boots lyric ring true, “you change the world when you change your mind.”

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