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Cast your votes in the 24th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards

Posted 22nd December 2023

It’s time to vote for the 24th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards! We’re thrilled that so many familiar faces have been nominated for this year’s awards, and want your help to decide who should take home the prize on Sun 11 February 2024 at The London Palladium.


Take a look at our nominees below, and make sure to vote by 11 January 2024 for your favourites.

🌟 Back to the Future and Phantom of the Opera for Best West End Show: It’s a double feature! Choose the show that made your heart race and your emotions soar. Back to the Future or Phantom of the Opera—which one gets your vote for the ultimate West End experience?

🎭 Nicole Scherzinger for Best Performer in a Musical (Sunset Boulevard): Imagine a world where every note is perfection and every performance is a masterpiece. Now, make it happen—vote for Nicole and let her steal the spotlight!

👏 Jason Manford in The Wizard of Oz for Best Supporting Performer in a Musical: There’s no place like the top of the podium! Help Jason soar to victory as the best supporting performer in the magical land of Oz. Tap those ruby slippers and cast your vote!

🚀 Cory English in Back to the Future: The Musical for Best Takeover Performance: Great Scott! Cory English took the stage by storm. Make sure his performance gets the recognition it deserves. Time travel might not be possible, but voting for Cory is!

🌟 Laura Dawkes in Frozen for Best Professional Debut: Let’s give a warm welcome to the newest star on the block! Laura Dawkes as Anna in Frozen is a force to be reckoned with. Vote to make her professional debut as unforgettable as Elsa’s Let It Go!

🌈 The Wizard of Oz at The London Palladium for Best Musical Revival: Follow the yellow brick road to victory! The Wizard of Oz at The London Palladium deserves to be hailed as the best musical revival. Click those heels and cast your vote for this enchanting production🎤

Best Concert Event—A Star-Studded Lineup! 🎤

  • Ariana DeBose in Concert at The London Palladium: A night of pure magic awaits. Vote to make it the concert event of the year!
  • Darren Criss at The London Palladium: Prepare to be dazzled! Your vote can make this concert an unforgettable experience.
  • Evita in Concert at Theatre Royal Drury Lane: A classic reborn. Vote for the concert event that left you singing “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” for days!
  • Love Never Dies in Concert at Theatre Royal Drury Lane: Love is in the air. Make this concert event the one to remember!
  • Once: In Concert at The London Palladium: A symphony of emotions. Cast your vote and relive the magic of Once!

Head over to WhatsOnStage Awards, cast your votes, and let’s make the 24th Annual WhatsOnStage Awards a night to remember. Break a leg, LW nominees!