This show is no longer running at Cambridge Theatre.

TSUJI, Lead singer of the group ECHOES, which topped the Japanese and international rock scene of that decade. Whilst TSUJI is a film director, book writer winning international awards and living in France, writing his diary, and he headlined a successful solo concert this year at the Olympia Theatre in Paris which is the temple of contemporary French music.

The international star quality of his Brazilian, Italian, Korean, and French, musicians helps to incorporate rhythms and sounds from all over the world, including many rock, jazz, blues in a sensational new Japanese soul sound that audiences will love.

An evening of great music in love with new and nostalgic Japanese sounds.

Although he has toured the east coast of the United States twice, this is the first time he performs in the UK.

The blues of Japanese soul man TSUJI is finally coming to the UK.

Vol & Guitar : Tsuji

Drum & Percussion : Jorge Bezerra

Violin : Mario Forte

Piano : Eric Montigny

Trumpet : Fasong Yoon

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