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Come be the first to see CONFESSIONS, Kansley and Lidert’s break out new musical. After a sell-out concert in Melbourne produced by Home Grown, starring Tony Award winning singer Paulo Szot and others, the team have set their sights on the West End.

In this Workshop Performance of CONFESSIONS three beautiful, intelligent and seductive female spies step out of the shadows to confess their deepest secrets under the darkest circumstances. Follow their journey as they fall in and out of love, and discover the tangled web of lies that ensnares us and them. If you love spy dramas, secret agents, or international conspiracies this is the musical for you with original songs that pay homage to that genre.

How wonderful to have discovered the Kansley & Lidert song book titled ‘Confessions’. It was most obvious from the moment the music began that the listener would instantly be transported to a world of female truth! An empowering musical experience!” – Tina Arena.

The music of Kansley & Lidert bring a refreshing sound that brings on a journey. Like a beautiful artwork it has detail and layers that you ears, hearts and minds want to keep revisiting.” – Alinta Chidzy.

The wonderful surprise in Kansley & Lidert is that for all the nuance and heart in their work – and perhaps because of it – their songs feel both familiar and eminently hummable.” – Michael Falzon.

Breaking the mould! It’s clear they have a desire to write musicals that better represent the diversity in our communities.” –, Allison Hilbig.

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Times & Prices

Mon 17 Jun – Sat 22 Jun

Mon, Tue, & Fri at 8pm
Wed & Sat at 2.30pm & 8pm

1 hour 45 minutes (including an interval)

Studio Floor: £20
Studio Gallery: £25
Studio Upper Gallery: £20

Age Guidance: 14+ (contains strong langue and sexual references)

*All prices are subject to availability, may only be available on certain performances and are subject to change without prior notice.

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