An Evening With Debbie Harry & Chris Stein

An Evening With Debbie Harry & Chris Stein

This show is no longer running at The London Palladium.

Due to illness, An Evening with Debbie Harry & Chris Stein on Thursday 18 May 2023 has been cancelled.

Chris Stein says, “I am yet again sorry to report that I won’t make it to our scheduled speaking engagements in the UK during May. This year I’ve been dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis on top of my regular b******t heart ailments. As a result, I’m even more fried than usual and though I’m still alert and working on various projects, I’m spending a lot of time in sweatpants at home with my wife Barbara, kids and animals. Luckily this thing was caught early, and I have access to great healthcare resources at New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell. I’ve done radiation and hormone treatment and I suspect the latter is why I’m more fatigued. Doctor says I should be ‘back to baseline’ soon enough and that the treatment is going according to plan. Anyway, I’m sorry to disappoint and I’m thinking of all of you. Once again so sorry about this , I know you all tried so hard to keep this one in play.”

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In the mid 70s the band Blondie emerged onto the New York music scene and quickly became era defining and internationally iconic.

Now, frontwoman Debbie Harry and the band’s co-founder, guitarist and songwriter, Chris Stein will be in conversation with multidisciplinary artist and director (and long time Blondie collaborator) Rob Roth, discussing five decades of Blondie, their lives as artists and creative partners.

Centred around Chris and Debbie’s recent, acclaimed books, every night is unique as the conversation ranges over their career including the groundbreaking music, adventures in 1970s New York, work and play with artists from The Ramones to H.R. Giger, David Cronenberg, plus touring, acting, photography and beyond.

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Debbie Harry‘s best selling autobiography, Face It was released at the end of last year to a deluge of praise, crowned “the ultimate rock n roll memoir,” by The Sunday Times. While photographer Chris Stein draws on his two highly acclaimed photo works – Negative and Point of View. The latter was described as “stunning” by Rolling Stone and “fascinating” by the New York Times.

“Each presentation has its own surprises with new stories,” says Rob Roth, “plus special guests and previously unseen visuals.”

The conversations are illuminated with seminal images of the band and New York City from Debbie’s autobiography and Chris Stein’s two books, as well as film clips, fan art, book readings and audience Q&As.

These spark unexpected memories, even for Debbie and Chris. And guests from their past often join to explore their own history with two of the most fascinating and unique artists of the last half century.

“I’ve always loved the way Chris tells stories,” says Debbie, “I think you will too.”

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