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The Lowdown with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Posted 20th July 2020

We caught up with the singer as she announces a return to The London Palladium


Sophie Ellis-Bextor returns to The London Palladium after a dazzling performance in 2019.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: It’s exciting to be back, it’s the most gorgeous venue. I’ve been to The London Palladium to see shows so I know how lovely it is to be in the audience, but the view from the stage is beautiful. Plus everyone who works there is really friendly and helpful. I’m very happy to be returning.

Since her last show, Sophie’s been lighting up her kitchen disco with an array of live performances directly from her home. But how do the lockdown live gigs differ to the stage?

SEB: It’s funny, although it’s obviously very different in literal terms it’s actually weirdly similar emotionally! I felt the same adrenaline when I’m getting ready and the same joy when I’m singing. The connection to folk watching from their homes was very precious to everyone in our house.

And what were the best songs to perform? Here’s Sophie’s choice:

SEB: We had so much fun choosing covers for the kitchen disco. I love Over and Over by Hot Chip, Like a Prayer by Madonna and then my song Take Me Home, as it became our stay at home anthem!

But dazzling discos aside, day to day life can be weird in lockdown.

SEB: I suppose the main thing I learnt was how adaptable humans can be. We all completely changed our pattern of behaviour in a very short space of time. But moment to moment it quite often felt like any day where we’re all at home. It made it quite surreal when the days just ran on and on.


With an upcoming show in 2021, what can we expect from the Kitchen Disco tour?

SEB: I want to give people a joyful night out. I want the music and the atmosphere to transport everyone away from their worries, just for one night. I’m not doing it alone; aside from my band and dancers and the usual bells and whistles I’ll come armed with the best tonic in the world – uplifting music. I can’t wait to see people’s faces with the live kitchen disco!

Sophie Ellis-Bextor comes to The London Palladium on Thu 13 May 2021. Find out more here.