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The Lowdown with Rufus Wainwright

Posted 14th August 2020

We caught up with the singer/songwriter ahead of his shows at The London Palladium


Unfollow the Rules marks Rufus Wainwright’s first pop album since ​Out of the Game. A lot can happen in the eight years that have gone by.

Rufus Wainwright: I think I’ve learned just to be more relaxed and enjoy the process for what it is. I don’t feel like I have as much to prove now. Also, my singing voice is really at its pinnacle right now, and I’m enjoying that ride.

The time spent at home recently has proven fruitful.

RW: I’ve been writing songs, thinking of ideas for musicals and composing classical pieces. This time has been a godsend, especially for my compositional tendencies.

The 2021 shows mark a return to The London Palladium, where Rufus previously performed a special tribute show to icon and Wall of Famer, Judy Garland. And it’s just not possible for him to sum the star up.

RW: Uh, Judy! That’s all I can really say. She was such a unique creation, be it an actress, a singer or a social figure. They kind of broke the mould with her. So really, Judy made Judy.

What can we expect from the upcoming shows?

RW: I have a really fabulous group of musicians that I’m excited to bring out on the road when that’s possible. Also with the pandemic, I’ve had the opportunity to rest my voice, so I will be in very good form and bustling with excitement.

And so what’s it like to return to the UK, namely The London Palladium?

RW: London has always been a thrilling destination for me, artistically. Ever since I was a child, I went to see my parents perform there. Or later on with my own shows, as well as seeing the welcome they gave my sisters. It’s one of the apexes of my career, and The London Palladium is where I’ve experienced some of my most thrilling moments. I can’t wait to get back there.

Rufus Wainwright comes to The London Palladium on Mon 18 – Tue 19 October 2021. Find out more here.