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The Lowdown with Randy Newman

Posted 15th July 2021

We caught up with the singer/ songwriter ahead of his show at The London Palladium.


Next year, Randy Newman returns to The London Palladium.

Randy Newman: To be honest, it feels good to be going anywhere. I remember loving The London Palladium when I played it. The audiences in London have always been good for me. They’re a pretty smart bunch.

And what’s one thing he’s learnt from the past year?

RN: I learnt how much I love my children and grandchildren.  I missed physical contact with them very much.


So what can we expect from the show at The London Palladium?

RN: I think I’ll play a few songs from each of the studio albums and I’ll play a few movie songs as well.

Speaking of  ‘a few movie songs,’ You’ve Got a Friend in Me became a hit when it featured in Toy Story many years ago, transcending generations of fans beyond the film it was from.

RN: It’s gratifying that I’ve written something that children like so much. I guess it’s not just children. Most of what I write is a long way from being Disney-appropriate material. One thing I’ve always been proud of is that I write well when given an assignment. If I had to write a song about an Albanian zoo keeper, I can do it.

With a career spanning decades, how do you maintain the creative process? Do you find it gets easier or tougher to produce records?

RN: I don’t know. If I haven’t been listening to much pop music, I listen to some. Even if what I end up doing doesn’t sound anything like what other people are doing. The last time I listened I heard two things I liked: Lizzo and Billie Eilish.

It’s always good to know what’s going on. I’ve said earlier that I was confident about writing to assignment but writing for myself is the most difficult thing I do.

Randy Newman plays The London Palladium on Tuesday 22 March 2022. Get tickets here.