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The Lowdown with Newton Faulkner

Posted 2nd April 2019

We catch up with Newton Faulkner ahead of his show in April.

This gig marks the first time Newton Faulkner has played The London Palladium.

Newton Faulkner: I’ve done most kinds of gig there are now, everything from The Betsy Trotswod to the Royal Albert Hall. I love a seated gig every now and then, as it’s so much more intimidating and focused. It keeps me on my toes. You can get away with much less when people aren’t ordering drinks while you’re playing. It means I have to step up my game.

The tour and new album, The Very Best of Newton Faulkner…So Far, celebrates a decade in music. And the landscape has changed dramatically for Newton.

NF: Everything’s changed so much that a huge amount of the things I know about now, would have been completely useless to me ten years ago. I think in life, in general, it’s important to celebrate the good things that happen and not just move straight to the next challenge, solidly for say, six years. Hypothetically speaking of course.

The album combines Newton classics, as well as three brand new songs. And they all challenge him within a live environment. 

NF: At the moment, Up, Up and Away is my favourite song to play live. It’s a song I thought I’d never be able to play on my own after touring it with three piece band with every member working pretty hard, but I’ve finally found a solo arrangement that I’m really happy with. It involves triggering snares with a kick drum pedal and flutes with my feet, should have been obvious really.

Since starting in music, there’s no doubt the number of singer/songwriters has increased exponentially. But who does Newton rate?

NF: Sigrid’s an awesome writer, she’s probably my favourite of the new wave. And I’ll never stop listening Sujan Stevens and Tom Waits. I’m still waiting for Sabina to do another album too. The last one, Toujours in one of my faves. Bahamas I’ve recently got into too.

So what does the next ten years hold in store for Newton?

NF: Hit the Ground Running was the end of a musical journey for me, one that started with Hand Built by Robots. I’ve been through, not knowing what I’m doing, to thinking I know what I’m doing, to releasing I definitely don’t know what I’m doing. But no one really does, so that’s okay. Now it’s onto next journey, wherever it may lead. The stuff I’m writing at the moment feels like the beginning of something new and the technology I’m using live, allows me to do more than ever before. To be honest, I just want get back in the studio and get on with it the more I talk about it. Excited would be an understatement.

Coming to The London Palladium on Wed 24 April, get Newton Faulkner tickets here.