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The Lowdown with Josh Widdicombe

Posted 14th January 2021

We take a moment with comedian, Josh Widdicombe, before he heads to The London Palladium next year.


He’s been on our screens in shows like The Last Leg and Hypothetical but otherwise, the past year has been.. a bit quieter. But Josh Widdicombe has not come out of 2020 without learning some lessons.

Josh Widdicombe: It is possible to watch too many episodes of The Clangers.

But the year does affect your approach to comedy.

JW: It’s great to write; it’s some time on your own. Also, it’s an escape from the reality of life at the moment.

Speaking of new comedy, what can we expect from his show, Bit Much?

JW: A show that was hugely topical and dealt with the state of the world pre-pandemic when this tour started. Joking, thankfully I do no topical material so will not be talking about Brexit, the pandemic or any of those things that we want to forget on a night out.

Bit Much will take Josh across the country, including with us at The London Palladium.

JW: The best shows are in theatres. There’s something exciting about being in there and in places like The London Palladium, it feels like you’re a part of history. A very small part, but a part all the same.

With all that time away from touring, what’s the one thing he’s weirdly missing?

JW: Being away from my three year old. I just need some time off. I’m thinking of staying in a hotel for The London Palladium show, even though I live four miles away, just for the night off.

Josh Widdicombe comes to The London Palladium on Saturday 26 March 2022. Find out more here.