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The Lowdown with James Acaster

Posted 5th February 2019

We caught up with James Acaster ahead of his appearance at 100 Hearts Night of Comedy.

At three levels and approximately 2,245 seats, The London Palladium is somewhat of a large venue for James Acaster.

James Acaster: You have to look up a lot more.

You host the podcast Off Menu with fellow comic, Ed Gamble, where guests choose their dream meal of starter, main course, side dish, dessert and drink. However, in real life, being out on the road poses culinary uncertainty.

JA: Up and down the country the main reliable consistent eatery is always Nando’s.

That’s a lot of Nando’s considering you’re touring solidly throughout 2019 until December. How do you relax when you’re away from home?

JA: I listen to music and eat chocolate.

You are appearing at the 100 Hearts Night of Comedy alongside Rob Brydon, Dara Ó Briain, Harry Enfield, Greg Davies, Omid Djalili, Nina Conti, and many more, in support of Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity. Sum up your set in one word.

JA: Fireworks.

Your father James once described you on Twitter, explaining “he’s not for everyone, but he works hard.” Have you managed to shift the bar higher since then?

JA: No way and I don’t intend to. I love it.

At The London Palladium for one night only on Wed 13 February, don’t miss James Acaster at the 100 Hearts Night of Comedy benefit. Get tickets here.