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The Lowdown with Belinda Carlisle

Posted 18th March 2021

We talk to the singer as she prepares for a return to The London Palladium later this year.

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Following her last show with us in 2019, Belinda Carlisle is back later this year.

Belinda Carlisle: I feel honoured to step onto The London Palladium stage. The history of the theatre is incredible. I think it has to be one of my favourite venues that I’ve ever played in.

The show marks over 35 years of her solo career.

BC: I think that the fact that I’m still singing and touring always surprises me. I have often said that when it’s not fun anymore, I will stop, but I still do have a great time making music.

And with a song like Heaven is a Place on Earth, it’s easy to see the longevity in her career.

BC: That song means so much to people. When I perform it live and see kids or teens sing along knowing all the words, it’s a really great feeling. That one song has a special meaning for a lot of people.

So how does the journey to making music change over the years?

BC: For the last 15 years, I’ve become more involved in the creative process with production and writing. And I now find it the most exciting part of making music. It’s like putting together a musical puzzle.

And how does one continue being creative during a time like this?

BC: Life is about family and friends, and recent events have made that become even more clear to me. I decided to use this time of not traveling to learn, or rather re-learn, something. So I’ve gone back to something I loved when I was younger, painting. I found an art school and I love it. It’s been one of the best things to have come out of this lockdown for me.

Belinda Carlisle comes to The London Palladium on Friday 15 October 2021. Get tickets here.