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Sub-stage machinery at Theatre Royal Drury Lane to be relocated

Posted 21st January 2019

The impressive historic sub-stage machinery below Theatre Royal Drury Lane will soon be carefully removed from the theatre as part of our renovation project, and replaced with a modern, flexible and demountable staging system. The most significant elements of machinery will be retained and securely stored until an opportunity can be found for their display in the future.

Following the enlargement of the stage in 1908, Theatre Royal Drury Lane housed a generous stage area 80 feet deep and 40 feet wide. It features six sub-stage lifts; two electric lifts installed in the early twentieth century, two hydraulic tilting lifts manufactured in 1890, and two further electric lifts downstage stage.

The theatre closed its doors to the public on Sat 5 Jan, ahead of a 20-month renovation project that will see the historic theatre restored and revived for the next century.

“The auditorium will be completely reconfigured into a comfortable and more intimate space. The auditorium will also be reshaped to create a tighter curve, bringing the performer and audience closer together.” Andrew Lloyd Webber