LW Theatres & War Child

A partnership rooted in a joint heritage of world class music and theatre.


War Child
LW Theatres are excited to launch an official charity partnership with War Child, to support children caught up in conflict zones.

War Child has a long association with the music and live entertainment industry. For decades, it has worked with artists, labels and the music industry to release records and put on unforgettable shows for over 30 years.  

This is a partnership rooted in a joint heritage of world class music and theatre and throughout 2023, we’re set to announce exciting plans to both raise awareness and funds for a good cause.


About War Child

War Child is the only specialist charity for children affected by conflict. For more than two decades, we’ve been driven by a single goal – ensuring a safe future for every child living through war.

We aim to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and support them long after the cameras have gone. We deliver life-changing services and support in communities affected by conflicts to keep children safe and help them to heal and learn for the chance of a better future.

The Work of War Child

Protecting Children

War Child works with children, families, communities, and governments in conflict zones to protect children from danger. Whether they are moving across borders, living in their homes, on the streets or in refugee camps; they support children’s wellbeing, provide safe spaces for them to play and learn, and get the psychological support they need to process their experiences of conflict.


Educating Children

War Child works to ensure children’s learning continues in times of crisis. They set up temporary learning spaces, provide catch-up classes, rehabilitate schools damaged by bombs and bullets, and support teachers operating in conflict zones. They work with families and communities to ensure they have the resources and knowledge to support their children’s education.


Supporting Communities

War Child provides immediate and long-term support to young people, families and communities living through conflict. They provide families with food, cash relief and access to other life-saving essentials and support young people and caregivers with the skills they need to find apprenticeships and employment.



War Child works to ensure that challenges faced by children are understood and addressed. They boldly campaign to influence global leaders and empower young people to raise issues and campaign for change themselves.


Where War Child Work


In light of the recent crisis, War Child is scaling up its life-saving work to protect, educate and provide for more children and families in Afghanistan than ever before.

Central African Republic

War Child work with communities to provide life-saving services to the most vulnerable children in the CAR including those who have been separated from their families, recruited by armed groups, experienced sexual violence or are working to provide for their families.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Reintegrating children who have escaped armed groups into their communities, youth-led advocacy, and sustainable livelihoods are at the core of what we do for children in the DRC.


The aftermath of war in Iraq has left thousands of children and youth in need of War Child’s education support, child protection services and vocational skills training in order to build the foundation for a future with lasting peace.


The ongoing war in Ukraine continues to destroy vital infrastructure and services. War Child are independently assessing needs, then impartially delivering life-saving help to those who need it most, when they need it most.


War Child continues to deliver life-saving child protection services, education support, vocational skills training and cash relief to children and their families in war-torn Yemen.