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Listen to the second episode of the All That Scratch podcast

Posted 10th April 2019

The second episode of the new All That Scratch podcast is now online and available do download from iTunes and Spotify.



All That Scratch is a new curated scratch night at The Other Palace in partnership with All That Productions, giving new musicals and emerging artists a stage to present their work for development and feedback. The second episode was recorded live in our Studio on 25 March and it included the songs ‘The Sex Talk’ and ‘Mist’ from Just A Phase? with lyrics by Zoe Morris and music by Meg McGrady; ‘The Girl Who Has It All’ from The Complete Guide to Being A Girl with music and lyrics by Anna Shields and book by Emily Garsin; ‘A Woman in Love’ from Cleopatra with music by Lyndon Samuel and book and lyrics by Robert Gould; ‘Who Needs Another Fairytale’ from Steep Themselves in Night by Jude Taylor; and ‘America’ from 8 with music and lyrics by Charli Eglinton.

The third episode will be recorded live on Mon 20 May, 7pm. Click here to book your tickets