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Gin in the Spotlight - May 2019: KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin

Posted 1st May 2019

KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin

This month we pay homage to the Aoi Matsuri festival with KI NO BI (‘The Beauty of the Seasons’), the first Japanese gin made in Kyoto. Inspired by tradition and distilled with a recognisable dry style, with a distinct Japanese accent. Using a rice spirit base, the Kyoto distillery separate their botanicals into 6 categories; Base (Juniper, Orris, Hinoki), Citrus (Yuzu, Lemon), Tea (Gyokuru Green Tea), Herbal (Sansho Pepper, Kinome Sprout), Spice (Ginger) and Floral/Fruit (Bamboo Leaves, Red Perilla). Each category is distilled individually and expertly blended to create a smooth gin that is worthy of gaining the same respect that the Japanese have acquired for their whiskey making.

NOSE: Yuzu, sansho and bamboo leaves
PALATE: Floral, aromatic and subtly earthy, with a hint of spice.
FINISH: Smooth warming and subtle spicy finish from the ginger.
WE SAY: This gin makes a perfect G&T and is one of the best gins to use for a dry martini. Or go for a more traditional Japanese-style drink by adding some hot water and enjoying it like a sake.

Available at The Other Gin Palace.

The Other Gin Palace

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