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Cats returns to London's West End

Posted 13th August 2014

Cats Press Launch

On July 7th 2014 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking musical sensation Cats returned to the West End! It wasn’t until the music started up and the breathtakingly costumed cast began prowling around the iconic Palladium stage – appearing in every look and movement like enormous cats – that it dawned quite how much we’d missed it.

200-odd press gathered to find out more about the production which will open on 8th December for a strictly limited 12-week run. We were seated on the stage itself rather than in the auditorium – a novel twist to the usual performer/audience separation. This set the scene to learn about the plans to update and expand the original show, as well as giving us the experience of treading the boards on the legendary Palladium stage!

The cast performed ‘Memory’ – the classic tune covered by over 150 artists from the original Cats star Elaine Paige to Barbara Streisand and Barry Manilow – and ‘The Naming of Cats’. The magical world of Jellicle is as entrancing as ever, T.S. Eliot’s captivating words brought to life with stunning choreography and a beautifully designed theatre production. The audience was transported into the intriguing mindset of cats, ‘very much like you’.

The original creators of Cats are the brains behind this revival, and Andrew Lloyd Webber was joined on stage by renowned choreographer Gillian Lynne and director Trevor Nunn, to introduce a new production of the show that changed their lives forever.

Lloyd Webber is relishing the opportunity to revisit the production. He revealed that he had never felt fully happy with the way Growl Tiger’s Last Stand was set, and has now completely re-written it. He also suggested that Rum Tum Tugger may become a street cat, given that he was essentially ‘the creator of rap’. Though as Trevor Nunn remarked, the sentiments behind the production remain constant –  we don’t need to worry that the original record-breaking show will be spoilt by modernisation.

The creative team promised to make Cats a special experience that the whole family can enjoy at Christmas. The performance is immersive by nature, but this production will go one step further to engage and entertain audiences with make-up artists on-hand to ‘catify’ young theatergoers, and photo booths so they can take pictures of themselves in their new guise. The show seems set to enrapture both old and new generations of fans alike.

The launch and plans for the new Cats spectacle reminds us of the exceptional versatility of The London Palladium, and we can’t wait to see how the full show adapts to the stage; if it’s anything like the press launch, it’ll be a real treat.

Watch this space for more info– we’ll keep you in the loop for all the updates on the production and what is sure to be an exciting cast.

Don’t miss this chance to see the famous Cats, and make sure you take someone who’s never seen it before along with you.