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Behind their scenes... with Nigel Harman

Posted 2nd April 2014

He starred as Simon Cowell in I Can’t Sing! at The London Palladium. Before that, he was an EastEnder, starred in Mount Pleasant, Downton Abbey and Hotel Babylon, and lit up the West End in Shrek and Guys & Dolls. We caught up with Nigel Harman:
Q: What was your first experience or memory of The London Palladium?

A: Babes In The Wood with Cannon & Ball. I saw Barnum 5 or 6 times as every time someone at school had a birthday we had a group booking.

Q: How does it feel to perform at The London Palladium?

A: It feels incredibly intimate, whilst being vast. I understand why it is the greatest variety house in the world.

Q: What can we expect when we come to see I Can’t Sing?

A: The unexpected. With Harry Hill as the writer and Steve Brown as the composer/lyricist expect to see something funny and unique.

Q: How did you prepare for the role of Simon Cowell?

A: I watched a lot of his interviews on the internet and read books by him and about him.

Q: What are the different challenges of performing in theatre, film or TV, and do you have a preference?

A: Theatre is a live medium so you have to react to what happens. Film & TV you get to have another go. I think that’s what makes theatre so thrilling – the immediacy.

Q: What’s the most bizarre part of your career so far?

A: Playing the accordion topless in a thong.

Q: What advice would you give someone at the beginning of their acting career?

A: Don’t leave school too early and be bold.