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Line-up Announced For All That Scratch Episode Six Live Recording

Posted 29th October 2019

 All That Scratch Podcast is a curated hour of promising new British musical theatre recorded live at The Other Palace. Handpicked from open submissions, each episode features a line-up of talented writers sharing their work and taking part in exclusive interviews. Tickets to the next live event on Mon 25 November at 7pm are just £5 and available here.

This episode’s featured pieces include the songs ‘My Thing’ and ‘Why Why Why’ from the musical The Rhythmics by Poppy Burton-Morgan and Ben Glasstone; The Colour of Everything’ and ‘Tether’ from Astrid Blume Touches The Universe by Janey Deards and Ollie George Clark; ‘Brother’ from Works of Art by Robin Simoes a Silva; ‘Glitched’ and ‘End of the Story’ from Stages by Christian Czornyj; and ‘Take It On The Chin’ and ‘Suddenly’ from Weapons of the Weak by Nancy Salt.

All That Productions and The Other Palace are delighted to be presenting another great line-up of musical theatre for live and podcast audiences. The line-up includes four musicals and one piece of gig theatre including a comic and poignant musical about a single dad who accidentally joins a rhythmic gymnastics team; a powerful new musical about a blind protagonist sharing the beauty she finds in the world; a story about the relationship between two brothers, one who happens to be trans; an uplifting piece of gig theatre celebrating love and self-acceptance in the aftermath of abuse; and an interactive video game musical about a young autistic boy navigating life’s biggest choices.

All That Scratch is particularly excited to be including our first piece of gig theatre as part of the final episode of the podcast’s first year.


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