Naked Wines at LW Theatres

To celebrate the launch of Naked Wines in our venues, we’re offering an exclusive gift of £100 off your next purchase of wine.

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Red Coat Naked Wines

We’re thrilled to introduce a selection of exclusive wines, curated in partnership with Naked Wines, that promise to elevate your theatre experience to new heights of enjoyment.

Picture yourself savouring a glass of exquisite wine, specially chosen to complement the magic of the stage. Whether it’s the crisp elegance of a white, the rich depth of a red, or the refreshing allure of a rosé, these wines have been carefully selected by Naked Wines to tantalize your taste buds and add an extra layer of delight to your evening with us.

Join us as we invite you to indulge in a sensory journey unlike any other, where every sip enhances the magic of the moment. Your next theatre visit promises not just captivating performances, but also an unforgettable wine experience tailored just for you, thanks to our partnership with Naked Wines.

Tantalise your taste buds and read more about the wines now pouring at all Lloyd Webber venues.

Herencia Altes La Imprudent

This white wine offers a refreshing burst of vibrant flavors, marrying crisp notes of green apple and juicy pear with hints of citrus, culminating in a clean, lingering finish.

Domaine Saint Jean, Terre des Hospitaliers

This is a captivating rosé, reveals a delightful medley of fresh red berries, citrus zest, and floral undertones, culminating in a crisp, refreshing finish that embodies the essence of Provence.

Côtes du Rhône, Benjamin Darnault

This red presents a bold, harmonious blend of ripe blackberries, cherries, and warm spices, underscored by firm tannins and a lingering finish, capturing the essence of the Rhône Valley in every sip.

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To celebrate the launch of these wines in venue, Naked Wines are treating you to the gift of £100 off your next purchase of wine, so you can try first-rate wine at home from the best seat in your house.

Discover a whole new world of wines you’ll love with Naked Wines.


Tales from the vineyard

When iconic winemaker Stefano di Blasi first joined Naked Wines in 2014, we couldn’t believe our luck. He was the genius behind Solaia and Tignanello, two of Italy’s most famous (and expensive) reds at over £100 a pop.

Naked Wines Angel funding freed Stefano to follow his dream and make the wines he wanted to make. With Angel backing, and his contacts, Stefano was able to secure the freshest, juiciest grapes across Italy and give them the same loving care and attention he gives to his £100-a-bottle reds… the results have been astounding.

To support wine makers like Stefano and to get discount on delicious wines, click the link below